Remarkable Wrong-Righters
Swift Kick


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Name:  Anita Dupuis Davies

Occupation:  Actress/Housewife

Birth Date:  February 18, 1971

Height:  5'7" (Anita)   5'10 (Swift Kick)

Weight:  120 lbs. (Anita)    130 lbs. (Swift Kick)

Hair:  Black (Anita)   Blonde (Swift Kick)

Eyes:  Blue (Anita)   Brown (Swift Kick)

Place of Birth:  Chicago, IL

You were born on August 17, 1973 in Chicago, Illinois, the only child of Lenny and Annette Dupuis, a janitor and an occasional cleaning lady. Your parents loved you, but you were ashamed of them, often pretending to be from a rich family. You were a good student and an avid reader, especially of science fiction, seeking out new ideas for your active fantasy life. In high school, you put your desire to be someone else to work as an actor and earned a scholarship to Northwestern for drama. After graduation, you moved to New York to try and make it as a professional actor.

Despite your efforts to convince producers you were the talented, experienced actor they sought, you failed to find success. To pay the rent, you taught karate (a hobby picked up at Northwestern). In February 1995, you answered an ad for intelligent and creative people in excellent physical condition and ended up at OASIS being well paid to take a series of mental and physical tests as part of Project Victory. Among the testers was a good-looking young scientist named Rick Davies. Rick also loved science fiction and you found yourself falling for him. Not knowing if he felt the same, you kept quiet, but Rick soon became a big part of your fantasy life.

In March, 1995, you and four others were introduced by OASIS director Jasmine Thai to Jeffrey Knox, head of EAGLES. Knox declared that you five along with Rick Davies (who revealed his stretching powers) were to be America's newest superteam. According to Knox, they would give each of you superpowers. Rick was the prototype and would soon go public as Rick Davies, the Resilient Rubber-Man. You were to be Madame Morph, the team's shape-changer. You and Rick would work side-by-side. This was too good to be true.

Unfortunately it was. After the surgery to give you your powers, the five of you were place in sleep tanks where, in virtual reality, you were to learn to use your abilities and bond as a team. When you awoke, you were the villain team Victory, betrayed by Rick Davies, and loyal to EUREKA. After a year or so, either your stubbornness or your feelings for Rick began to break through the brainwashing. But the others did not yet see the truth, so you continued to play along, while secretly using your shape-changing powers to thwart EUREKA.

In July, 1999, while posing as an EAGLES agent, you saw the rest of Victory die as a result of a EUREKA plot that was also killing Rick and other SuperSquad America members. Not wanting to lose Rick, you helped the Squad find and defeat those responsible. You continued to help the Squad out occasionally and SuperSquad America soon took the place of the family you lost when Victory died. More importantly, after a few months of working with Rick on a semi-regular basis, your feelings for him became too much, and you had to reveal how you felt. To your surprise, Rick felt the same way and you began dating.

In June 2001, you learned you were pregnant. You knew Rick would be delighted, but you couldn't help but worry about how your and Rick's genetic modifications might affect the baby. Before you could tell Rick, the team was transported to the extra-dimensional magical world of Eyratha, where the Forest of Futures revealed the two of you would have a son some day. You broke down and told Rick about the baby. Rick proposed on the spot and you accepted. You were wed in November 2001, while you were on medical leave, because your doctors recommended not using your shape-changing powers while pregnant.

On January 1, 2002, just two weeks before your due date, you were kidnapped by Time Twister. While held in his Time Room outside the time stream, Time Twister aged you slightly, forcing you into labor, and you gave birth to Stephen Keith Davies. For his plot to work, Time Twister needed the time energy that the unusual birth had stored in little Stevie. The Squad defeated Time Twister and Stevie was drained of the time energy. However, later genetic tests would should that he was likely to develop superpowers at some points; however, so far he has just been a bright, loving, normal little boy.

Over the next several years, you were primarily a reserve member of SuperSquad America, but primarily you dedicated yourself to being a mother. Around 2004, you decided to revive your acting ambitions. But in New York, most parts are on stage, requiring you to be there night after night, not really a desirable situation for a mother and reserve superhero. And an actor can only make so many appearances on Law and Order even if they are a shape-changer.

For that reason alone, you offered little objection when Rick told you of Franklin Chance's offer to be leader of the team he would eventually name the Remarkable Wrong-Righters and suggested that the three of you move to Malibu. While it hurt to leave your friends on the Squad behind, you knew that Rick was growing tired of the constant drama surrounding the team. The only problem you had with the situation was the prospect of working with Friction Lass again, someone who you never particularly liked.

So far, you have enjoyed the California lifestyle immensely. The new team is fun and you've even been able to tolerate Friction Lass most of the time. Rick is much happier and little Stevie loves the beach. Your acting career hasn't really taken off but you're happy and your family is happy, so you can't really ask for much more than that.


Note: This background is written in a second person style as it is the background provided to the player playing the character in the Remarkable Wrong-Righters event.